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Bootstrap is a framework that builds responsive mobile projects on the web. It is an open source toolkit and allows you to develop webpages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It allows you to quickly make a prototype of your ideas and it allows you to create an entire app. For beginners using a HTML5 framework is very helpful as it gives the webpage shape and it makes it simpler to create a fully working website. The grid system that it provides allows a programmer to worry less about the positioning of parts of the website such as tables, images, headings and menu bars. The chosen framework for the website is bootstrap, but there were other HTML5 frameworks such a Foundation which also looks good in a website. The chosen framework was bootstrap for a variety of reasons such as that it has better mobile support and has a bigger variety when it comes to choosing templates. The grid system of bootstrap has fluid and fixed patterns as well. Foundation is a little bit more complex than bootstrap, but it does support fast development in projects and contains a set of templates and available codes. Bootstrap is the most commonly used framework because it is better for beginners. In this website there will be a top navigation bar which will allow the user to navigate through the pages easily. The website will also contain news articles about various sports and they will be displayed using bootstrap.

The Bootstrap template that was chosen is easy to use and it has a navigation bar too. This would make it more user friendly and it would make it easy to navigate through the website and read through the different articles that will be available on the website. In the footer of the page there will be contact information. Other than the grid system and the menu the framework allows to dynamically add images to the different parts of the website and it resizes them to fit the grid space necessary. The framework that was chosen for the website is easily customizable and allows for responsive utility classes. It uses pre-styles components and it is compatible with all browsers.